Conservation Connection Field Trips

April 27, 2011

While Conservation Connection is a digital program, the teens in Chicago and Suva have also been experiencing the "real" to learn about coral reef biology and conservation through field trips and labs. These included a trip to the Suva Fish Market, fish dissections, DNA extractions, a trip to the Wild Reef Exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium, a trip to the Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore, and a snorkel trip to the Navakavu reefs. Check out all the video footage of these activities on FijiReef.

BioSynC, in partnership with Field Museum Education, launched the Conservation Connection digital learning program. Conservation Connection engages 20 teens in Chicago, 20 teens in Suva, Fiji, and middle and high school students from across the country in the stewardship of both Fijian coral reefs and local ecosystems through direct involvement in the scientific process. High school teens from Fiji and Chicago’s west side will form the core of this program and act as peer mentors to all participants, as will coral reef experts from the Museum and Fiji. Via game play in Whyreef participants will gain actionable knowledge in reef biology and ecology. Participants will be encouraged to use vetted content from the Encyclopedia of Life as a primary resource when writing blogs, photo essays, and videos on the social network FijiReef to address challenges in coral reef ecology and conservation. All challenges and activities will be supplemented by direct contact with marine biologists and conservation scientists from The Field Museum, Wildlife Conservation Society Fiji Country Program and Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area. Finally, all participants will collaborate to create conservation plans for Fijian reefs, and participate in teen-directed conservation efforts in their local communities. Visit FijiReef, Conservation Connection’s digital hub to learn more about the program (