Conservation Connection Final Projects

July 17, 2011

The teen participants in Chicago and Suva have completed the Conservation Connection program and their conservation outreach projects have been published! These included an article on overfishing published to the Fiji Times, a letter to the editor for the Fiji Times on the impact of large fishing vessels on coral reefs in Suva Harbor, and a video PSA on the dangers of pollution for coral reefs and the fishing industry.


Visit FijiReef, Conservation Connection’s digital hub to learn more about the program and the BioSynC Conservation Connection page.

Conservation Connection engaged 6 teens in Chicago, 12 teens in Suva, Fiji, and middle and high school students from across the country in the stewardship of Fijian coral reefs through direct involvement in the scientific process. Via game play in WhyReef, a virtual coral reef, participants gained actionable knowledge in reef biology and ecology. Participants used vetted content from the EOL as a primary resource to exchange blogs, photo essays, and videos on the social network FijiReef to address challenges in coral reef ecology and conservation. All challenges and activities were supplemented by direct contact with marine biologists and conservation scientists from The Field Museum, Wildlife Conservation Society Fiji Country Program and Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area. All participants collaborated together to create conservation plans for Fijian reefs.