Overfishing Perturbation in WhyReef

May 5, 2011

The South Reef in WhyReef was damaged by the 2nd ecosystem collapse caused by overfishing. The reef slowly changed in appearance and composition over a period of several weeks and when the reef was at its most degraded the "Save the Reef" activities were launched. Whyvillians were asked to identify the cause of the catastrophe and then to affect the state of the unhealthy reef. Whyvillians used the Reef Simulator module and their WhyReef EOL Journal to test their hypotheses about the reef perturbation and develop solutions that they could implement through civic action.

WhyReef Statistics for May 6, 2011

  • 392,632 visits to the North and South Reefs
  • 172,691 visits to the Reef Simulator
  • 3,386,569 visits to the WhyReef EOL Journals

Save the Reef Statistics for 2nd Overfishing Perturbation

  • 4,024 visits to Save the Reef
  • 94 Perturbation Surveys completed
  • 237 Management Plans completed
  • 258 Avatar Face Parts designed
  • 2,309,839.00 clams (Whyville currency) donated
  • 16 Articles written for the Whyville Times (Whyville’s on-line periodical)