Papua New Guinea Research

January 31, 2011

Mark Westneat and Josh Drew along with University of Chicago graduate students Joanna Mandecki and Charlene McCord conducted field work and international training at the Motupore Island Research Station in Papua New Guinea. More than 350 species were documented and collected. Images and content from the field work will be made available on EOL via LifeDesks. Westneat and Drew trained three local students from University of Papua New Guinea and are developing collaborative grants for future research and conservation work in the region.

The main objectives of this trip were: 1) Sample the biodiversity of Bootless Bay; 2) Collect whole fish specimens and prepare fish skeletons to bring back and include in the Zoology collections at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois; 3) Collect pertinent morphological data for ongoing neuromechanics-related lab projects that focus on pectoral fin swimming and jaw biomechanics in a variety of coral reef fishes; 4) Collect tissue samples that will be used to evaluate the genetic component of reef connectivity in Micronesia; 5) Establish academic connections and collaborations with the University of Papua New Guinea.
For more information please visit Moto-IGERT activities page.