EOL Treemap viewer

June 30, 2010

BioSynC software developer Kristopher Urie is working on a visual taxonomy browser using Encyclopedia of Life web services. The browser displays a taxonomy with images and text gathered from the EOL. Taxa are displayed in a space-filling "treemap" layout, showing both the taxon name, which is linked to the EOL taxon page, and a representative image from EOL. As the user passes the mouse over the page, the EOL's general description of each taxon is displayed. Clicking on a taxon further expands the information within the taxonomy, and a breadcrumb trail is displayed at the top of the page to show the context of the current taxon.

WhyReef Worked Example

June 1, 2010

A little over a year after the launch of WhyReef, BioSynC and Field Museum Education staff have written their first worked example on the importance of scientific accuracy in game design. Worked examples are a new form of dissemination for the digital media and learning (DML) community, where peers and colleagues share methods and findings from their experiences in order to start debate on the best practices for DML. The BioSynC a

Hennig Society

May 26, 2010

Torsten Dikow attended the Hennig Society annual meeting in Honolulu, HI and gave a presentation titled: LifeDesk, managing and sharing biodiversity research on the web.

Phylogenetics, phylogenomics, and phyloinformatics

March 11, 2010

Karen Cranston presented “Phylogenetics, phylogenomics, and phyloinformatics: finding evolutionary signals in large datasets” at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada.

Snow Entomological Collection

March 10, 2010

Torsten Dikow visited the Snow Entomological Collection at the University of Kansas to study and photograph type specimens. These photos will be available to EOL through Torsten’s LifeDesk.

iPlant Tree Visualization

February 27, 2010

Mark Westneat, Karen Cranston and Kris Urie attended the iPlant Tree Visualization workshop in Austin, TX to discuss EOL visualization opportunities.

Establishing a National Digital Biological Collections Resource

February 8, 2010

Mark Westneat attended an NSF sponsored workshop at NESCent on developing a US collection digitization program, entitled “Establishing a National Digital Biological Collections Resource” and is continuing to serve as one of the core authors of the strategic plan.

Illinois Natural History Survey

February 3, 2010

Mark Westneat visited the Illinois Natural History Survey to give a seminar entitled Coral Reef Fishes, Visualization of Large Phylogenetic Trees, and Synthesis of Biodiversity Informatics in the Encyclopedia of Life. In addition a 2-hour Q&A session on EOL programs was held with curators and collection staff.

Entomological Society of America

December 5, 2009

Torsten Dikow gave 2 presentations at the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America in Indianapolis, IN. Title 1: New data on the distribution of Mydidae in the Afrotropical and Oriental regions (Diptera: Asiloidea). Title 2: The Encyclopedia of Life, the Biodiversity Synthesis Center, and systematic entomology. Shortly after, Torsten Dikow presented at the Entomology Collections Network annual meeting in Indianapolis, IN. Title: LifeDesk, managing and sharing biodiversity data on the web.

Marine Tetrapods Field Work

November 8, 2009

Oct 28 to Nov 7 : Postdoctoral Research Associate, Jim Parham, conducted field work in the Atacama Desert of Chile with collaborators from the Marine Tetrapods Synthesis Meeting. Photos and data will be provided to EOL.

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