Liverworts and the journal Phytotaxa

August 18, 2010

Participants from the May 2009 Liverworts synthesis meeting recently published a special volume of the journal Phytotaxa containing 14 articles on liverworts, hornworts and other early land plants. The volume included important new global checklists for these groups. Data from meeting participant publications will be shared with EOL via data partnerships established after the meeting.

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Ant Synthesis Meeting Publication

July 27, 2010

An article from the February 2009 FGlobal Ant Project Synthesis Meeting II synthesis meeting has been published in Myrmecological News.

Kautz, S, Moreau CS. 2010. Creating Encyclopedia of Life's species pages for ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): What we have done and what remains to be done? Myrmecological News. 14:69-72.

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Lichen Meeting Publication

June 30, 2010

An article from the May 2010 Parmeliaceae: Improving our understanding of taxonomy, classification and biogeography of the largest family of lichen-forming fungi synthesis meeting has been published in Science.

Thel, A. 2010. EOL meeting in Chicago: Parmeliaceae, improving our understanding of taxonomy, classification, and biogeography of the largest family of lichen-forming fungi. International Lichenological Newsletter. 43(1):10-11.

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Lichens Publication

March 20, 2010

Participants from the May 2010 Lichens synthesis meeting recently published a 127 page monograph in the journal Phytotaxa containing 100 new species of lichenized fungi. Content from the publication is being shared with EOL via the e-lichens data partnership established at the meeting.

Fossil Marine Tetrapods Synthesis Meeting Publication

February 19, 2010

An article from the August 2009 Fossil Marine Tetrapods synthesis meeting has been published in Science.

Marx, FG, Uhen MD. 2010. Climate, Critters, and Cetaceans: Cenozoic Drivers of the Evolution of Modern Whales. Science. 327(5968):993-996.

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Species Accounts Synthesis Meeting

October 23, 2009

On October 22-24, the Biodiversity Synthesis Center hosted an EOL workshop in conjunction with EOL partner Animal Diversity Web. The workshop goals were to broaden the reach and increase the effectiveness of university students authoring species accounts. A diverse group of 22 participants from four countries assembled to present different programs that involve student authorship and gathering of species data.

Global Climate Change Synthesis Meeting

October 8, 2009

From October 5-8th BioSynC hosted a working group meeting whose ultimate goal was to develop objective criteria to assess species’ relative vulnerability to global climate change. The meeting featured 11 participants from the U.S. and Germany and drew together experts from fields that, according to meeting facilitator Dr. Joseph Bernardo, are normally “off in different departments”: ecophysiology, population genetics, quantitative genetics, and phylogenetics.


August 30, 2009

The Synthesis Center hosted workshops for an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at The Field Museum. Workshops included 10 undergraduate students from around the country and were led by Petra Sierwald and BioSynC postdoc Torsten Dikow. Topics included phylogenetic systematics and using EOL for dissemination of research results.

Melanesian Biogeography Synthesis Meeting

August 14, 2009

EOL Postdoctoral Research Scientist Joshua Drew (BioSynC) organized a workshop on the biogeography of Melanesia held in Suva, Fiji from August 11–15. This workshop, sponsored by the EOL focused on bringing together experts from a variety of taxonomic backgrounds ranging from vascular plants to coral reef fish to investigate similarities in species distribution patterns throughout the region. In addition, the meeting was attended by representatives from local NGOs, government agencies, and undergraduate and graduate students.

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Marine Tetrapods Synthesis Meeting

August 12, 2009

BioSynC hosted a synthesis meeting on the evolution of marine tetrapods August 11-13, 2009. Among vertebrates, marine tetrapods (four limbed vertebrates) include organisms like whales, sea cows, sea turtles and penguins; although they are distantly related to one another phylogenetically, each lineage of marine tetrapod represents an independent invasion of marine environments from terrestrial ancestry.

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