1 Jun 11

Life and Literature is a two-day conference hosted by The Biodiversity Heritage Library and The Field Museum. The conference will convene librarians, biologists, computer scientists, publishers, students, and other stakeholders to set the agenda for biodiversity literature digitizing and its networked environment for the next four to five years. Join us November 14-15, 2011 for an exciting combination of plenary speakers, panelists, activities, and breakout sessions.

Focal topics include: Biologists and Biodiversity Literature Research, Informatics and the Public Record Publishers, Aggegators, and Authors: new models and access Learning and Education Building Collaborative Networks for Science and the Humanities.

To register and for more information please visit the Life and Literature website http://www.lifeandliterature.org/

29 May 11

This workshop (May 23-25) aimed to develop a large grafted megatree of all 880 fish families, both fossil and recent. Funded by an NSF Research Coordination Network grant to Guillermo Orti, workshop product will include phylogenetic trees and taxonomic web pages for EOL and ToLWeb for higher level fish taxonomic groups.

26 May 11

BioSynC partnered with the Field Museum’s Education Department to run the 2nd EOL Biodiversity Scavenger Hunts during The Field Museum’s 60th annual Members Nights. These scavenger hunts challenged families to find specimens that highlighted the biodiversity of the Museums’ collections and to further learn about these specimens by exploring their EOL species page. The scavenger hunt drew more than 1,000 participants from 400 families.

22 May 11

BioSynC launched the Science@FMNH podcast and video series which details science behind-the-scenes at the Field Museum. Episodes with a taxonomic focus, such as those on bryophytes and ascomycete fungi will appear on EOL pages through the EOL Vimeo Group.

For more information visit the BioSynC Science@FMNH page, and to subscribe to the Science@FMNH video and podcast series visit Science@FMNH site.

16 May 11

Beth Sanzenbacher and Joshua Drew attended the International Marine Conservation Congress in Victoria, BC. Sanzenbacher and Drew hosted a lunch workshop on digital outreach titled “Using digital education to enhance outreach and engage youth in marine conservation”.

Click here for more information on BioSynC's digital outreach and education projects.