12 Dec 10

Every Tuesday and Thursday from September 18th - December 8th, seven teens in Chicago and six teens in New York worked with an international team of scientists to discover what it’s like to be a paleontologist and explore the environment and culture of Brazil. Through a series of inquiry based projects, teens used the latest in digital media technologies to research: fossil plants and animals from the late Permian and early Triassic; sedimentology and stratigraphy; and extinctions and climate change. The teens are used EOL pages to compare extant animals and plants to their fossil animals and plants, and to research the flora and fauna of Brazil. The final project for the teens was the creation of a virtual museum exhibits on their fossil plants and animals.

23 Nov 10

Mark Westneat hosted partners from the INVOLV project, including Chia Shen and Michael Horn, to discuss the implementation of table-top technology at the Field Museum in coordination with BioSynC.

18 Nov 10

Mark Westneat conducted field work in the Bahamas, involving coral reef fish surveys, specimen photography and DNA sampling, and training in field techniques.

15 Nov 10

Torsten Dikow gave an invited seminar at Michigan State University titled, “Phylogenetic and biodiversity studies on Asiloidea flies”

13 Nov 10

Audrey Aronowsky, Josh Drew, and Beth Sanzenbacher presented BioSynC’s synthesis meetings, outreach programs and original research to EOL to special guest E.O. Wilson.