Freshwater species conservation: Assessing the status of North American crayfish

06/08/2009 - 06/12/2009

Biodiversity Synthesis Center, The Field Museum,  Chicago, IL, USA

The EOL’s Biodiversity Synthesis Group hosted the first in a series of workshops to assess North American crayfish conservation status for the IUCN Red List and EOL species pages. Featuring twelve scientists from the U.S., Mexico, and the U.K. — all experts on North American crayfish — the meeting consisted of introductory talks and smaller working groups split up according to regional expertise or crayfish taxonomy. The meeting served as a red-listing template for EOL to highlight biodiversity conservation on our site and produced 380 comprehensive species assessments. Scientists hope that their new assessments will advance the Red List’s efforts to expand its taxonomic coverage, and, more generally, inform conservation strategies for freshwater ecosystems. To learn more, read the meeting blog entry!

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