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06/25/2008 - 06/29/2008

The National Taiwan Ocean University,  Keelung, Taiwan

This meeting focused on the decapoda (crabs, shrimps and their relatives) and involved Twenty three specialists and six students from nine countries. Hosted by Professor Tin Yam Chan at National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), the meeting developed ties between US decapod crustacean biologists working on the NSF Decapod Tree of Life project, and their counterparts in Australasia. Together, they are creating the first comprehensive species list for Decapod crustaceans; approximately 15,000 known species.

This meeting was an exceptional example of the power of organism-focused meetings to bring together key scientists focused on a large and economically important group to generate EOL species pages and to develop important taxonomic, phylogenetic, and conservation resources for the broader community on an unprecendented scale.

- Develop a management plan for integrating diverse
decapod phylogenetics projects, including coordinating
major web-based taxonomies with the Encyclopedia of
Life and initiating a Decapod DNA barcode campaign.
- Create a framework for enlisting the decapod community
to work collaboratively to publish joint papers, apply for
funding for future research on decapods and publish EOL
web pages for all species of decapod crustaceans.

Colin McLay, Netherlands
Amanda Windsor, USA (Louisiana)
Dean Pentcheff, USA (Los Angeles)
Jody Martin, USA (Los Angeles)
K.H. Chu, Hong Kong
Keith Crandall,
Mark Westneat, USA (Chicago)
Neil Cumberlidge, USA (Michicagan)
Peter Davie, Australia
Peter Ng, Singapore
Sammy De Grave, UK
Shane Ahyong, New Zealand
Tin Yam Chan, Taiwan
His-Te Shih, Taiwan
Ping-Ho Ho,Taiwan
Feng-Jiau Lin, Taiwan
Tohru Naruse,Singapore
Darolyn Striley, USA (Chicago)
Li Xin-Zheng, China
Bertrand Richer de Forbes, New Caledonia
Regina Wetzer, USA (Los Angeles)
TAN Swee Hee, Singapore
NG Ngan Kee, Singapore

Chien Lin Chen, Taiwan
Chien Hui Yang, Taiwan
Chia Wei Lin, Taiwan
Chih Chun Lin, Taiwan
Siiou Lin Chen, Taiwan
Teng Wei Wang, Taiwan

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